BitVM: Compute Anything on Bitcoin

"BitVM is a computing paradigm to express Turing-complete Bitcoin contracts. This requires no changes to the network’s consensus rules."

BitVM: Compute Anything on Bitcoin
  • "Rather than executing computations on Bitcoin, they are merely verified, similarly to optimistic rollups."
  • "A prover makes a claim that a given function evaluates for some particular inputs to some specific output. If that claim is false, then the verifier can perform a succinct fraud proof and punish the prover. Using this mechanism, any computable function can be verified on Bitcoin."
  • "Committing to a large program in a Taproot address requires significant amounts of off-chain computation and communication, however the resulting on-chain footprint is minimal. As long as both parties collaborate, they can perform arbitrarily complex, stateful off-chain computation, without leaving any trace in the chain. On-chain execution is required only in case of a dispute."
"I'm very excited about the launch of this paper which is part of a project Robin and I have been working on together. Today I hope to launch a demonstration that you can use bitcoin to compute a 64 bit division function," said @supertestnet on

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