Brollups: Bitcoin-native Rollup Design

"Introducing Brollups: a Bitcoin-native rollup design that works with a native Bitcoin peg and requires no changes to the Bitcoin protocol," announced Burak.

Brollups: Bitcoin-native Rollup Design
  • "Brollup is a Bitcoin-native rollup design that works with a native Bitcoin peg and does not require any changes to the Bitcoin protocol. The peg is enforceable on-chain and can be unilaterally redeemed at any time. Brollups are in a category of their own, neither optimistic, ZKP, nor sovereign," said the developer.
  • "A Brollup is operated by an operator or a quorum of operators. Operators provide liquidity to the protocol and advance the rollup state by chaining Bitcoin transactions at regular intervals."
  • "Brollups use the Bitcoin blockchain as the data availability layer, and run transactions on a custom VM known as the Bitcoin Virtual Machine."
"Brollups build upon the concept of virtual UTXOs (VTXOs) and utilize them as the peg. However, VTXOs are not actually moved to a separate piece of chain, so-called the Brollup. Brollups simply enable virtual UTXOs to be used in smart contracts as payable constructs."
  • "Brollups are, in short, coinswaps between VTXOs and calldatas. Like how Ark Network swaps VTXOs for new VTXOs, Brollups swap VTXOs for calldata (plus new VTXOs)," Burak said.
  • "Brollups are currently in the design phase, and the project is not associated with any issued tokens."
  • "Interested in learning more or contributing? You should definitely join our TG community channel! Alternatively, you can reach out me on X or Nostr," said the developer.

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