BIP for Silent Payments Is Out For Review

The Silent Payments BIP is finally out for review, together with a WIP implementation for Core, wrote developer Ruben Somsen on Twitter.

BIP for Silent Payments Is Out For Review
  • "Using a new address for each Bitcoin transaction is a crucial aspect of maintaining privacy. This often requires a secure interaction between sender and receiver so that the receiver can hand out a fresh address, a batch of fresh addresses, or a method for the sender to generate addresses on-demand, such as an xpub."
  • "However, interaction is often infeasible and in many cases undesirable. To solve for this, various protocols have been proposed which use a static payment address and notifications sent via the blockchain. These protocols eliminate the need for interaction, but at the expense of increased costs for one-time payments and a noticeable footprint in the blockchain, potentially revealing metadata about the sender and receiver."
  • "Notification schemes also allow the receiver to link all payments from the same sender, compromising sender privacy."
  • "This proposal aims to address the limitations of these current approaches by presenting a solution that eliminates the need for interaction, eliminates the need for notifications, and protects both sender and receiver privacy."
  • "These benefits come at the cost of requiring wallets to scan the blockchain in order to detect payments. This added requirement is generally feasible for full nodes but poses a challenge for light clients."
  • "While it is possible today to implement a privacy-preserving light client at the cost of increased bandwidth, light client support is considered an area of open research."
  • "We aim to present a protocol which satisfies the following properties:

    - No increase in the size or cost of transactions.
    - Resulting transactions blend in with other bitcoin transactions and can’t be distinguished.
    - Transactions can’t be linked to a silent payment address by an outside observer.
    - No sender-receiver interaction required.
    - No linking of multiple payments to the same sender.
    - Each silent payment goes to a unique address, avoiding accidental address reuse.
    - Supports payment labeling.
    - Uses existing seed phrase or descriptor methods for backup and recovery.
    - Separates scanning and spending responsibilities.
    - Compatible with other spending protocols, such as CoinJoin -   Light client/SPV wallet support.
    - Protocol is upgrade-able."
  • "A single silent payment address is enough to receive funds from anyone without loss of privacy", wrote Ruben Somsen on Twitter.

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