Zeus v0.7.7-beta Is Available For Testing

Zeus is a mobile Bitcoin/Lightning app for LND, Core Lightning, and Eclair node operators.

Zeus v0.7.7-beta Is Available For Testing
  • "Zeus v0.7.7-beta1 is now available for testing."
  • "v0.7.7 features some niceties and bug fixes before we start pushing out our next major release in v0.8.0 which will feature an embedded lightning node and wallet + LSP functionality."

v0.7.7 Highlights

  • Bug fix: Camera: prevent scanning in background
  • Added confirmation process to delete a node connection
  • lnurlpay metadata display enhancements
  • Notes display enhancements
  • Sparko interface now marked as deprecated

What's Changed

New Contributors

Full Changelog: v0.7.6...v0.7.7-beta1

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