Clams v1.8.0: Channel Management

Clams is a free and open source browser interface for securely and remotely controlling your Core Lightning node.

Clams v1.8.0: Channel Management

What's new

  • "We just sent out a new release that adds some channel management functionality! Follow the new icon in the nav to get started."
  • "This release sees the addition of a new /channels nav link and associated routes that allow you to view channels, open channels and modify channel settings."
  • "Also included in this release is auto connection to a node by adding the connection details to the url as well as many small bug and UI fixes."
  • "First thing you should notice is that your homepage balance includes both on-chain and off-chain funds."
  • "Clicking the information icon next to your node alias will show you an updated modal that now includes two QR codes; one for easy channel opens and another for keysend payments."
  • "Scanning a node's connect modal completes all the connection info automatically and you can add the channel size."
  • "We added a UI to help visualize the balance and status of all your channels."
  • "Clicking on a channel from your list opens up a detailed page with more valuable information."
  • "Happy channel management! We have a bunch of updates in the works, and will be sharing more details soon. Let us know if there is any other functionality you would like to see in Clams!"


  • 1.7.0-1.7.1 - Fix: Update BOLT11 decode function to accommodate invoice prepended with lightning: #156
  • 1.7.0-1.7.2 - Enhancement: Add option to make connection via URL params #163
  • 1.7.0-0.1.2 - Feature: Channels #164
  • 1.7.0-0.2.2 - Enhancement - Node Info QR #165
  • 1.7.0-0.3.3 - Fix: General Bug Fixes #167
  • 1.7.0-0.3.4 - Enhancement: QR #168
  • 1.7.0-0.3.5 - Fix: Various UI Fixes #169
  • 1.7.0-0.3.6 - Fix: Fiat Symbol UI Overflow #171
  • 1.7.0-0.3.7 - Fix: More Various UI Tweaks #172
  • 1.7.0-0.3.8 - Fix: Listpeerschannels #173
  • 1.7.0-0.3.9 - Fix: Reconnection Logic #174
  • bolt11: correctly parse all valid bolt11 hrps #175
  • 1.7.0-0.3.10 - Fix: Autoconnect #176

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