ZapplePay Added AutoZap Subscriptions

AutoZaps uses Nostr Wallet Connect (NWC) to ping your wallet with a Zap request on a regular, predetermined interval, thus providing an easy way to support your favorite Bitcoin projects, content creators, and builders.

ZapplePay Added AutoZap Subscriptions
  • "With AutoZaps you can subscribe to anyone on nostr and ZapplePay will send your wallet a payment request for the amount you set on the interval you set. If you enable autopay in your wallet, you're now paying a subscription to your buddy," was explained in Mutiny blog.
"It's kind of like Patreon minus several horrible layers of fiat and ceremony. Try it out now for JB55's npub."
  • Everyone's AutoZap URL can be found at***insert_npub_here***.
  • "Everything here is built on open standards. Any wallet that supports NWC can sign up for AutoZaps — right now Mutiny and Alby are your best choices, but we hear more wallets have support in the works."
  • You can also set up NWC instance (works with LND) or install a dedicated NWC app on UmbrelOS.
  • "If you or someone you love wants to add support for NWC, the best resource right now is the NIP-47 spec. Some specifics are still in flux, but the core idea is solid."

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