LDK v0.0.118: BOLT12 Sending & Receiving

LDK/rust-lightning is a highly performant and flexible implementation of the Lightning Network protocol.

LDK v0.0.118: BOLT12 Sending & Receiving
  • "BOLT12 sending and receiving is now supported as an alpha feature. We are seeking feedback from early testers."
  • ConfirmationTarget has been rewritten to allow LDK users to more
    accurately target their feerate estimates.
  • "0.0.118 expands mitigations against transaction cycling attacks to non-anchor channels, though note that no mitigations which exist today are considered robust to prevent the class of attacks."
  • In total, this release features 61 files changed, 3470 insertions, 1503
    deletions in 85 commits from 12 authors: Antonio Yang, Elias Rohrer, Evan Feenstra, Fedeparma74, Gursharan Singh, Jeffrey Czyz, Matt Corallo, Sergi Delgado Segura, Vladimir Fomene, Wilmer Paulino, benthecarman, slanesuke.

What's new

API Updates

  • BOLT12 sending and receiving is now supported as an alpha feature. You may run into unexpected issues and will need to have a direct connection with the offer's blinded path introduction points as messages are not yet routed. We are seeking feedback from early testers (#2578#2039).
  • ConfirmationTarget has been rewritten to provide information about the specific use LDK needs the feerate estimate for, rather than the generic low-, medium-, and high-priority estimates. This allows LDK users to more accurately target their feerate estimates (#2660). For those wishing to retain their existing behavior, see the table below for conversion.
  • ChainHash is now used in place of BlockHash where it represents the
    genesis block (#2662).
  • lightning-invoice payment utilities now take a Deref to
    AChannelManager (#2652).
  • peel_onion is provided to statelessly decode an OnionMessage (#2599).
  • ToSocketAddrs + Display are now impl'd for SocketAddress (#2636#2670)
  • Display is now implemented for OutPoint (#2649).
  • Features::from_be_bytes is now provided (#2640).

Bug Fixes

  • Calling ChannelManager::close_channel[_with_feerate_and_script] on a
    channel which did not exist would immediately hang holding several keyChannelManager-internal locks (#2657).
  • Channel information updates received from a failing HTLC are no longer applied to our NetworkGraph. This prevents a node which we attempted to route a payment through from being able to learn the sender of the payment. In some rare cases, this may result in marginally reduced payment success rates (#2666).
  • Anchor outputs are now properly considered when calculating the amount available to send in HTLCs. This can prevent force-closes in anchor channels when sending payments which overflow the available balance (#2674).
  • A peer that sends an update_fulfill_htlc message for a forwarded HTLC, then reconnects prior to sending a commitment_signed (thus retransmitting their update_fulfill_htlc) may result in the channel stalling and being unable to make progress (#2661).
  • In exceedingly rare circumstances, messages intended to be sent to a peer prior to reconnection can be sent after reconnection. This could result in undefined channel state and force-closes (#2663).

Backwards Compatibility

  • Creating a blinded path to receive a payment then downgrading to LDK prior to 0.0.117 may result in failure to receive the payment (#2413).
  • Calling ChannelManager::pay_for_offer or ChannelManager::create_refund_builder may prevent downgrading to LDK prior to 0.0.118 until the payment times out and has been removed (#2039).

Node Compatibility

  • LDK now sends a bogus channel_reestablish message to peers when they ask to resume an unknown channel. This should cause LND nodes to force-close and broadcast the latest channel state to the chain.
  • In order to trigger this when we wish to force-close a channel, LDK now disconnects immediately after sending a channel-closing error message.
  • This should result in cooperative peers also working to confirm the latest commitment transaction when we wish to force-close (#2658).


  • In order to mitigate against transaction cycling attacks, non-anchor HTLC transactions are now properly re-signed before broadcasting (#2667).

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