ZapGate: Paywalls on Nostr

ZapGate plays with the idea of allowing anyone to upload premium content such as images, videos, long-form text, or music and enable users to purchase them through zaps.

ZapGate: Paywalls on Nostr
  • "Utilizing Nostr events significantly reduces the complexity for creators using their self-hosting lightning node. Additionally, this makes it easier for Nostr clients to implement the feature quickly."
  • "The content itself would be hosted by a service such as,, or"
  • "Only authorized users who have paid for the content can access it using NIP-98 HTTP authentication. By leveraging existing NIPs and the familiar zapping process, we were able to integrate paygated content while maintaining its security."
  • "To put our thoughts into action, we implemented this end-to-end and created a demo site,, to showcase how it works in practice."
  • "Anyone with a Nostr key using the NIP07 extension can upload content, set their price, and provide the lightning address where the funds will go. Users can simply click to unlock the content and consume it."

Demo Site
GitHub Repo (NIP Proposal) Post / Archive