Lava: Bitcoin-Native Lending & Borrowing Protocol

"Lava’s mission is to enable anyone to access financial freedom, which we believes requires giving people freedom over finance through self-custody and freedom from finance through simple and reliable experiences."

Lava: Bitcoin-Native Lending & Borrowing Protocol
  • "The Lava Wallet enables you to experience a financial experience that is sovereign, simple, and secure. The Lava Loans Protocol enables you to borrow against your bitcoin without rehypothecation or counterparty risk."
  • "We do as much as possible on bitcoin. Loan collateral is stored on layer-one, in an invisible [discreet log] smart contract. Only thing we use another chain for is stablecoins. We believe people should use bitcoin in the most secure, trust-minimized way, and that is self-custody on layer-one."


  • "Trust-minimized and Transparent. Lava operates in a trust-minimized and transparent way, eliminating the need to trust your counterparty or a bridge. Loan initiation and repayment are trust-minimized, and you never need to trust the counterparty to issue our loan or let you reclaim your collateral."
  • "Secure. Your collateral can’t be rehypothecated, ensuring its safety. Liquidation and expiration are facilitated by a robust set of blinded oracles, which the users can have optionality in choosing at contract request. Oracles are more resistant than a group of multi-sig signers."
  • "Accessible. Lava is a generalized protocol for Bitcoin-backed borrowing, with multiple lenders, increasing your chances of securing a loan."
  • "Easy to Use. Lava is fast, simple, and affordable, offering a user experience that outperforms the competition."

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