Nostr-based Permissionless App Store uses nostr to establish identity, linking release artifacts to social profiles validated by the web of trust. This enables secure installs, new app discoverability layer and developer monetization via zaps. Nostr-based Permissionless App Store
  • "Introducing v0.1.0. For months I have been dreaming of a better app store, frustrated by big tech's permissioned bs, GPG's complexities, and Obtainium's reliance on centralized services and poor UX," announced @franzap.
  • "Here's the first (very alpha) iteration of, a permissionless app store leveraging the nostr social graph."
  • Get it at or
  • "Feedback more than welcome, it's also possible to send directly from the [settings] screen in the app. Shoutout to nostr legends @Niel Liesmons and @elsat for their invaluable help."

Key features

  • Android only (for now! Desktop coming soon).
  • Obtainium drop-in replacement (smaller catalog but growing).
  • App releases are signed/curated by this account, as developers start self-signing.
  • Web of trust check before installing an app.

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