BlueWallet v6.6.5: BIP47 Payment Code Contacts on TX Details & More

BlueWallet is a Bitcoin and Lightning wallet built with React Native and Electrum. Available on iOS, Android, and macOS.

BlueWallet v6.6.5: BIP47 Payment Code Contacts on TX Details & More

What's new


  • REF: options should be in nav file so they render correctly
  • REF: Receive lazy load
  • REF: LNDCreateInvoiceComponent lazy load
  • REF: Lazy load SendDetailsStack
  • REF: Lazy Load wallet export
  • REF: Lazy Load Add Wallet


  • ADD: display bip47 payment code contact on tx details screen
  • FIX: Make value text grow on TransactionListItem. (#6524)
  • FIX: ExportMultisigCoordinationSetup: label with / symbol will fail fs write #6484
  • FIX: TX details screen would hang when loading large data
  • FIX: bump gap_limit for multisig to 20
  • FIX: Wrong colors in languages screen in dark mode #6496
  • REF:: Navigation had multiple containers instead of just 1
  • REF: Load WalletLists faster with useEffet
  • REF: wallet details loads UI faster


  • ADD: Privacy manifest for Apple
  • ADD: Number in widget should be formatted to be a decimal
  • FIX: Make QR code on receive screen accessible #5388
  • FIX: Batch-send: tapping on "m of n" should scroll to text recipient #5726
  • FIX: check reloadTransactionsMenuActionFunction before calling it
  • FIX: Languages row minimum height
  • FIX: on launch - If theres only one wallet, select it by default
  • FIX: If language is the selected one then disable row
  • FIX: Balance font
  • FIX: watch-only wallet balance is truncated due to font size #6416
  • REF: New button design
  • DEL: Lapp Browser

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