LDK v0.0.123: 'BOLT12 Dust Sweeping'

LDK/rust-lightning is a highly performant and flexible implementation of the Lightning Network protocol.

LDK v0.0.123: 'BOLT12 Dust Sweeping'
  • In total, this release features 150 files changed, 19307 insertions, 6306 deletions in 360 commits since 0.0.121 from 17 authors.

What's new

API Updates

  • To reduce risk of force-closures and improve HTLC reliability the default dust exposure limit has been increased to
    MaxDustHTLCExposure::FeeRateMultiplier(10_000). Users with existing
    channels might want to consider using
    ChannelManager::update_channel_config to apply the new default (#3045).
  • ChainMonitor::archive_fully_resolved_channel_monitors is now provided to remove from memory ChannelMonitors that have been fully resolved on-chain and are now not needed. It uses the new Persist::archive_persisted_channel to inform the storage layer that such a monitor should be archived (#2964).
  • An OutputSweeper is now provided which will automatically sweep
    SpendableOutputDescriptors, retrying until the sweep confirms (#2825).
  • After initiating an outbound channel, a peer disconnection no longer results in immediate channel closure. Rather, if the peer is reconnected before the channel times out LDK will automatically retry opening it (#2725).
  • PaymentPurpose now has separate variants for BOLT12 payments, which include fields from the invoice_request as well as the OfferId (#2970).
  • ChannelDetails now includes a list of in-flight HTLCs (#2442).
  • Event::PaymentForwarded now includes skimmed_fee_msat (#2858).
  • The hashbrown dependency has been upgraded and the use of ahash as the no-std hash table hash function has been removed. As a consequence, LDK'sHash{Map,Set}s no longer feature several constructors when LDK is built with no-std; see the util::hash_tables module instead. On platforms that getrandom supports, setting the possiblyrandom/getrandom feature flag will ensure hash tables are resistant to HashDoS attacks, though the possiblyrandom crate should detect most common platforms (#2810#2891).
  • ChannelMonitor-originated requests to the ChannelSigner can now fail and be retried using ChannelMonitor::signer_unblocked (#2816).
  • SpendableOutputDescriptor::to_psbt_input now includes the witness_script where available as well as new proprietary data which can be used to re-derive some spending keys from the base key (#2761#3004).
  • OutPoint::to_channel_id has been removed in favor of
    ChannelId::v1_from_funding_outpoint in preparation for v2 channels with a different ChannelId derivation scheme (#2797).
  • PeerManager::get_peer_node_ids has been replaced with list_peers and peer_by_node_id, which provide more details (#2905).
  • Bolt11Invoice::get_payee_pub_key is now provided (#2909).
  • Default[Message]Router now take an entropy_source argument (#2847).
  • ClosureReason::HTLCsTimedOut has been separated out from
    ClosureReason::HolderForceClosed as it is the most common case (#2887).
  • ClosureReason::CooperativeClosure is now split into
    {Counterparty,Locally}Initiated variants (#2863).
  • Event::ChannelPending::channel_type is now provided (#2872).
  • PaymentForwarded::{prev,next}_user_channel_id are now provided (#2924).
  • Channel init messages have been refactored towards V2 channels (#2871).
  • BumpTransactionEvent now contains the channel and counterparty (#2873).
  • util::scid_utils is now public, with some trivial utilities to examine
    short channel ids (#2694).
  • DirectedChannelInfo::{source,target} are now public (#2870).
  • Bounds in lightning-background-processor were simplified by using
    AChannelManager (#2963).
  • The Persist impl for KVStore no longer requires Sized, allowing for
    the use of dyn KVStore as Persist (#2883#2976).
  • From<PaymentPreimage> is now implemented for PaymentHash (#2918).
  • NodeId::from_slice is now provided (#2942).
  • ChannelManager deserialization may now fail with DangerousValue when LDK's persistence API was violated (#2974).

Bug Fixes

  • Excess fees on counterparty commitment transactions are now included in the dust exposure calculation. This lines behavior up with some cases where transaction fees can be burnt, making them effectively dust exposure (#3045).
  • Futures used as an std::...::Future could grow in size unbounded if it was never woken. For those not using async persistence and using the async lightning-background-processor, this could cause a memory leak in the ChainMonitor (#2894).
  • Inbound channel requests that fail in ChannelManager::accept_inbound_channel would previously have stalled from the peer's perspective as no error message was sent (#2953).
  • Blinded path construction has been tuned to select paths more likely to succeed, improving BOLT12 payment reliability (#2911#2912).
  • After a reorg, lightning-transaction-sync could have failed to follow a
    transaction that LDK needed information about (#2946).
  • RecipientOnionFieldscustom_tlvs are now propagated to recipients when paying with blinded paths (#2975).
  • Event::ChannelClosed is now properly generated and peers are properly notified for all channels that as a part of a batch channel open fail to be funded (#3029).
  • In cases where user event processing is substantially delayed such that we complete multiple round-trips with our peers before a PaymentSent event is handled and then restart without persisting the ChannelManager after having persisted a ChannelMonitor[Update], on startup we may have Errd trying to deserialize the ChannelManager (#3021).
  • If a peer has relatively high latency, PeerManager may have failed to
    establish a connection (#2993).
  • ChannelUpdate messages broadcasted for our own channel closures are now slightly more robust (#2731).
  • Deserializing malformed BOLT11 invoices may have resulted in an integer overflow panic in debug builds (#3032).
  • In exceedingly rare cases (no cases of this are known), LDK may have created an invalid serialization for a ChannelManager (#2998).
  • Message processing latency handling BOLT12 payments has been reduced (#2881).
  • Latency in processing Event::SpendableOutputs may be reduced (#3033).

Node Compatibility

  • LDK's blinded paths were inconsistent with other implementations in several ways, which have been addressed (#2856#2936#2945).
  • LDK's messaging blinded paths now support the latest features which some nodes may begin relying on soon (#2961).
  • LDK's BOLT12 structs have been updated to support some last-minute changes to the spec (#3017#3018).
  • CLN v24.02 requires the gossip_queries feature for all peers, however LDK by default does not set it for those not using a P2PGossipSync (e.g. those using RGS). This change was reverted in CLN v24.02.2 however for now LDK always sets the gossip_queries feature. This change is expected to be reverted in a future LDK release (#2959).


  • 0.0.123 fixes a denial-of-service vulnerability which we believe to be reachable from untrusted input when parsing invalid BOLT11 invoices containing non-ASCII characters.
  • BOLT11 invoices with non-ASCII characters in the human-readable-part may cause an out-of-bounds read attempt leading to a panic (#3054). Note that all BOLT11 invoices containing non-ASCII characters are invalid.

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