You Can Buy a Hacked Credit Card for Only $15, A Verified Binance Account for $410, New Report Shows

Privacy Affairs research into the supply and prices of various goods and services sold on the dark web shows that stealing user sensitive accounts and data has become relatively inexpensive.

You Can Buy a Hacked Credit Card for Only $15, A Verified Binance Account for $410, New Report Shows
  • "We have detected no long-term decrease in sales volume as a consequence of law enforcement actions. New communities are quickly organized on new sites or forums."
  • "During this reporting period we noted that sellers and buyers preferred to transact more bulk data rather than individual goods (such as ID cards, for example). This could indicate increase profitability of scams, frauds, and other shady activities."
  • "Most items and services we track for 3 years saw a significant decrease in pricing. This could mean that law enforcement action did little to reduce the supply of such goods as well as the fact that more people than ever fall victim to cybercriminals."
  • "In December 2022, an estimated 7.5 million credit cards were made available on the Dark Web. The average cost of credit card information varies from $10 (in countries such as the U.S., Canada, and Australia) to $240 each (with a card balance)."
New Payment Processing ServicesAvg. Price USD (2023)
Revolut verified account (UK, USA)$1,600
Switzerland online banking login$2,200
Luno Account together with a balance of $5,000$80
Chase Bank login$500
Payoneer verified account$200
CitiBank verified account$200
HSBC UK Business account$4,200
Barclays online banking login$2,100
  • Concerning hacked cryptocurrency exchange accounts, some of the options and their respective prices covered in the report were:
Product Price $
Hacked Coinbase verified account $250
Kraken verified account $1,170
Binance verified account $410 verified account $300 verified account $85
Robinhood hacked account $150
Xcoins verified account $350 verified account $250
Wirex verified and hacked account $2,300
N26 verified account (Germany) $2,650 verified account $410
  • "Cryptocurrency accounts were the only category that we saw to have experienced an increase [in price]." This is likely due to the decreased overall interest in the market, which in turn leads to fewer crypto trading accounts and wallets were available for hackers to target."
  • "Prices of hacked cryptocurrency accounts still remain overall the highest among all hacked online accounts. This indicates that hacking such accounts still remains extremely profitable."
  • Aside from bank accounts, the most expensive things on the dark web marketplaces include premium-quality malware ($4,500 per 1,000 installs), physical forged identity documents ($1000-$4000 for EU-issued documents, $200 for US state IDs).
  • The least expensive hacked accounts (aside from credit cards) include media and entertainment services, email database dumps, and scans of various documents.

Key takeaways

  • "Cybercriminals value your data, and stealing your identity or exploiting you is inexpensive."
  • "The abundance of purchasable data has led to a bulk sales mentality for dark web customers."
  • "The increasing availability of personal information on the Dark Web results in lower costs - and consequently, a higher likelihood - that your accounts will be compromised."

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