CalyxOS v4.9.0: May Security Update

CalyxOS is an Android mobile operating system that puts privacy and security into the hands of everyday users.

CalyxOS v4.9.0: May Security Update
  • "CalyxOS 4.9.0 and 4.9.1 - May 2023 Security update is now available for Pixels, Fairphone 4, and SHIFT6mq."


  • CalyxOS 4.9.0 and 4.9.1.
  • May 2023 Security update.
  • Chromium: 113.0.5672.61.
  • Fix certain VPN apps not working correctly, such as AdAway.
  • microG: Fix some free apps not launching, such as PC Optimum.
  • F-Droid: 1.16.3.
  • Don’t allow using Bromite System WebView, fallback to Android System WebView.

Known issues

  • "Aurora Store search isn’t working. For more details and a workaround please see:"
  • "Mullvad VPN with “local network sharing” doesn’t work. Will be fixed in the next build, for now you can turn it off."

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