Whirlpool GUI v0.10.4 & CLI v0.10.17 Released

This release includes 'tighter mix-to-xpub integration, new mix history, pagination, and other UI improvements.'

Whirlpool GUI v0.10.4 & CLI v0.10.17 Released
Source: @docktorwhite1995
  • "Whirlpool GUI 0.10.4 & CLI 0.10.17 released," announced @SamouraiDev.
  • GUI users are being updated automatically.

What's new (CLI)


  • new interactive command "mix [H]istory" when typing "H"
  • new interactive command "[X]pub history" when typing "X"
  • new feature --set-external-xpub to mix-to external XPub
  • new feature --set-external-xpub-enabled=true/false to enable/disable mixing-to external XPub
  • Tor binaries were upgraded
  • enhanced address-reuse check by using Dojo /seen API
  • enhanced console output format

API changes

  • add GET /rest/mix/history for mix history
  • add GET /rest/mix/history/externalXpub for XPub history
  • add "lastBlock" and "externalDestination" to GET /rest/mix
  • add {externalDestination: {enabled}} to /rest/cli/config

What's new (GUI)


  • new "XPUB" indicator when "mix-to external-XPub" is enabled on CLI (green when configured and enabled, red when configured but disabled, hidden when not configured)
  • new feature "Mix history": lists mix history since last startup
  • new feature "XPub history": lists funds sent to external XPub (when mix-to XPub is enabled)
  • new configuration item "Mix-to XPub": enable/disable mixing to XPub from GUI once it has been set on CLI (with --set-external-xpub)
  • add table pagination when > 100 rows
  • show current block info on bottom right
  • show proxy info when connecting to remote CLI through proxy
  • improved setup screen layout


  • fix sandbox issues on Linux (no need to launch with --no-sandbox anymore)
  • fix performance issues when listing thousands of UTXOs
  • fix random crashes on TX0 screen
  • fix restart issues after setup or config update
  • fix edge-case issues when downloading CLI from GUI
  • removed "non-mixable utxos" filter from DEPOSIT screen
  • require user to be logged in for accessing CONFIGURATION screen

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