Aqua Wallet v0.1.19: Open-Source Code, Dark Mode & More

Aqua Wallet is a free and open-source mobile Bitcoin, Lightning, Liquid and Tether wallet. Available on Android and iOS.

Aqua Wallet v0.1.19: Open-Source Code, Dark Mode & More
  • "Starting today, AQUA’s repositories can be found on our GitHub page under the MIT license," announced @JAN3.
"For us, making AQUA a non-custodial open-source wallet was never up for debate, rather it has been our plan from the start. Our team worked tirelessly to release AQUA on January 3rd, 2024, a very special date that is also the namesake for JAN3. "
  • "Open source means AQUA will soon be available on F-Droid and privacy-focused users will still be able to get AQUA’s latest updates without the need for Google Services."
  • "The only component within AQUA we will not be open-sourcing is the Marketplace. Although AQUA’s current open-source code includes it, this will later become JAN3 proprietary software. As the Marketplace relies on custom integrations and unique business relationships with providers, it doesn’t make sense to include them as open-source code."

What's new

  • The long awaited Dark Mode is here!
  • You can use additional experimental languages.
  • You can now receive Lightning transactions without having to stay on the receive screen.
  • Added better error messages for unsupported Lightning invoices (invoices without an amount).
  • Added SideShift links to view estimated fees.
  • Added an email contact link to Boltz on the transaction details screen.
  • Numerous UI bug fixes.
  • Bug fix for amount on the Lightning receive confirmation screen.

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