RoboSats v0.5.4-alpha: Enhancements & Bug Fixes

RoboSats is an open-source peer-to-peer exchange for buying and selling sats using the Lightning Network. It requires zero sign up information, is accessible via the Tor browser, and lets you trade directly to/from your wallet.

RoboSats v0.5.4-alpha: Enhancements & Bug Fixes
  • "RoboSats v0.5.4 is now out! RoboSats client apps before v0.5.1 are no longer be compatible."
  • "This is a minor release with some small enhancements and bug fixes. This is the last release before the federated client release."
  • "The Android app is not currently supported. It will come back stronger in the future."
  • Learn more about RoboSats at:

What's new

  • Dependency updates and security fixes.
  • Coordinator serves robot hash_ids needed for >v0.6.0 client side robot identity generator.
  • Recommended and minimum onchain fees for payouts are now more accurate.
  • Devfund node has moved. The new node now has public access to the invoices services (read-only).
  • Fix book re-render on swap/fiat change (by @aftermath2)
  • Docs have been fully translated to Spanish by @OSFr0g
  • Perf increase on coordinator image build by @proof-of-reality
  • Build new full integration tests on testnet.
  • Fix API /chat endpoint bugs.
  • Updated API docs, now OpenAPIspec is tested during the integration tests.
  • Fix buggy pricing for ARS.
  • New currency Albanian LEK.
  • Updated Russian translation.

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