Umbrel Introduces New Umbrel Home, Teases UmbrelOS v1.0

Umbrel introduced a new upgraded Umbrel Home personal server, and announced the launch date for upcoming umbrelOS v1.0 update.

Umbrel Introduces New Umbrel Home, Teases UmbrelOS v1.0
  • "Introducing umbrelOS 1.0, and the new, upgraded Umbrel Home," announced Umbrel.
  • The new Umbrel Home is equipped with Intel N100 chip, 16GB DDR5 RAM, and an upgraded 2TB SSD.
"Thanks to your support and the overwhelming demand, we've been able to scale up our manufacturing. The new Umbrel Home is now more affordable than ever, at just $399 in the US, €369 in EU, £319 in UK, and ~$399 worldwide."

UmbrelOS v1.0 teaser

The company also provided additional details about upcoming UmbrelOS v1.0 update.

  • "umbrelOS 1.0 is a complete rebirth of umbrelOS, engineered from scratch for unparalleled stability, UX, and security."
"umbrelOS 1.0 is rebuilt from scratch with a complete architectural overhaul. It introduces a unified architecture that speeds up pretty much every single aspect of your experience, and significantly simplifies the underlying complexity — ultimately making it more reliable and stable than ever," the company added.
  • "umbrelOS 1.0 will be rolling out on March 18, 2024, both as a fresh install and as a software update for our Umbrel Home and Raspberry Pi users. And in April 2024, for our Ubuntu and Debian users running umbrelOS 0.5."

It update will also include:

  • Glassmorphism-based design. "Every element, from the dock icons and windows to confirmation dialogues, notifications, and overlays, has been hand-crafted for elegance and ease."
    • "On mobile, this philosophy extends to swipeable drawers, offering a fluid, intuitive navigation that converts the complexity of a multi-level desktop layout into pure bliss," was stated in the announcement.
  • Ability to personalize your home screen with widgets.
  • ⌘K/Ctrl + K for instant search.
  • Right-click quick actions.
  • Now in 7 languages, with more to come.

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