Whynostr: Proof-of-concept for Collaborative Document Editing on Nostr

Whynostr enables experimental collaborative document-editing over nostr.

Whynostr: Proof-of-concept for Collaborative Document Editing on Nostr
"The cool part is that this very simple tool, that I basically wrote in one hour last night, has some interesting primitives that can allow for a decentrailized wiki."
  • "In this flow I can invite editors to collaborate with me; they can suggest changes and I can see them typing in "real-time". When they suggest a change they essentially create a fork of my document, which I can then resign as my own, essentially accepting their changes."
  • "The cool thing is that suggesting edits is not restricted to the people I authorize, anyone can do it. In my Whynotstr client these "unauthorized" edits are displayed separately and only if you choose to see them. But anyone can see them. Which means that anyone can fork my document and create their own competing document."
  • "From a "Wiki" perspective, this could mean that I write an entry for "Second World War"; the entry might be fully biased and I might leave out a bunch of nuance you, coming at it from a different perspective," said the developer.

How it works:

  • A user can invite other users to edit a document (i.e. a long-form, or any other kind of document);
  • The invitees can be added/removed at will by the owner of the document.
  • The users send ephemeral events while live editing and can hit "save" to propose a new version of the document.
  • Everybody sees what the others are doing in real time.
  • The document's owner chooses which version to make "official."
  • Documents can be forked so any of the invitees (or anybody else if the document is allowed to be public) can fork the document and continue working on their own version.

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