Holepunch Unveils Open-Source P2P App Development Platform Pear Runtime

"We've open sourced roughly 100 repos today containing really cool innovation we've been working on the last year," said Mathias Buus Madsen, CEO of Holepunch.

Holepunch Unveils Open-Source P2P App Development Platform Pear Runtime
  • "Created by Holepunch, a Tether-backed company, Pear Runtime enables unlimited apps to be created using tried and tested open-source peer-to-peer infrastructure, with the promise of zero server infrastructure costs, ever, to developers," was stated in a press release.
“We challenge the conventional notion that servers are indispensable to online interaction and reject the idea that communication between users necessitates connection to mysterious data centers. We aim to dismantle the misconception that launching a digital enterprise requires exorbitant server infrastructure costs,” said Paolo Ardoino, Holepunch Co-Founder & Chief Strategy Officer.
  • “We encourage all developers to explore our code at  www.pears.com, where you will have the freedom to build any app you envision. We are committed to supporting you throughout your app development journey, empowering you to create your own unique business models, free from the constraints of server costs,” added Mathias Buus Madsen.
  • "Among these: https://github.com/holepunchto/pear - the runtime. This is an insane piece of engineering led by @davidmarkclem . Run apps from the swarm, live anywhere in the world - unstoppable."
    • "@keet_io runs on this. Including @keet_io mobile. In the next days and weeks we'll be releasing more and more tooling (our own tooling infact) that allows you to easily port any runtime app to mobile. It's pretty nuts."
  • "Pear Runtime runs on a new JavaScript runtime we've been developing. It's called Bare. Bare is incredible. It's the Javascript Runtime I've wanted my entire life. It's embed-first, which means it runs EVERYWHERE. It runs on mobile, it runs on desktop, it runs on embedded devices."
    • "It comes with no stdlib, but with small modules on our Github or whatever the community makes to make apps focus on being apps. This is powerful as it means you can pick and choose exactly what you need for your environment."
    • "It runs on a js abstraction we've made called libjs."

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