Torq v1.0.3: Workflow Improvements, HTLC Firewalls, Subscriptions & More

"Torq is an advanced node management software that helps lightning node operators analyze and automate their nodes. It is designed to handle large nodes with over 1000 channels, and it offers a range of features to simplify your node management tasks."

Torq v1.0.3: Workflow Improvements, HTLC Firewalls, Subscriptions & More
  • "Announcing our most epic release to date. This release is PACKED with new features:"
  • "Automation Workflows just got way more powerful:

    - Dry run a workflow before running it live;
    -Open/Close/Request channels within an automation;
    -Capture workflow logs & visualize them in a detailed flow diagram (great for debugging).
  • "We’ve also implemented the LSP spec in Torq, which means you can buy channels directly within our user interface, or within an automation flow."
  • "HTLC Firewalls: Create new workflows to firewall/drop HTLCs. This is huge for force closure protection in high fee environments - where a force close with many pending HTLCs becomes prohibitively expensive to settle on-chain."
  • "You can also prevent a potentially malicious node from jamming your channels by setting a max number of pending HTLCs. Feel free to DM us if you have any questions about this feature!"
  • "Seamlessly move funds between multiple nodes: We’ve developed this feature for enterprise operations that run multiple nodes at once, which is quite common for redundancy reasons. At the click of a button, you can balance funds between nodes either through LN or on-chain."
  • "Paid Version of Torq: This release marks a new phase for our startup. We've never hidden the fact that some day you will have to pay to use Torq. Rest assured, small nodes will continue to enjoy our services for FREE."
  • "For larger nodes, let's talk – we're happy to put together a custom package for you. We’re still a small startup and want to provide the power of Torq to as many node operators as possible, so please don't hesitate to reach out and provide feedback."
  • "Mempool API integration for fee recommendations."
  • "Connection status: get insights into the internals of Torq (data import updates...etc)."
  • Historical data on tagging/untagging channels.

Full release notes

  • Connections status: Provides insight into the internals of Torq. (People often ask if there is a way to see if it's still importing data; well, now you can!).
  • LND: Select an outbound channel for payment.
  • Keep historic information about tagging/untagging.
  • Manually request a channel from an LSP that is following the LSP channel request specification (i.e. Deezy).
  • HTLC information in Open Channels.
  • Quick filter with fuzzy search on listing screens.
  • Mempool API integration for fee recommendations.

New HTLC Firewall workflows

  • You can create one or more workflows to firewall/drop HTLCs. (i.e. block any HTLC coming from peer1 going to peer2 below a certain amount. Or block any HTLC if the amount of pending HTLC for a peer is above a certain amount).
  • New HTLC Firewall Related workflow nodes:

    - HTLC Intercepted (Trigger): Every HTLC will trigger the workflow when HTLC interceptor is enabled in the node's settings.
    - HTLC Event (Data Source): Starting point for the HTLC Firewall workflow.
    - HTLC Filter (Filter): Allows you to filter base on the HTLC's incoming and/or outgoing amount.
    - HTLC Channel Split (Filter): This splits the flow and you can chose to continue with either the incoming channel or outgoing channel from the HTLC.
    - HTLC Channel Join (Filter): After a split you can chose to join the flow back together.
    - HTLC Blocker (Action): This will firewall/drop the HTLC if something passed through it's parent.

New workflow nodes

  • Close channel: be very careful with this one so you don't accidentally close a channel because of a logical error in your workflow!
  • Open channel.
  • Request channel: You can now automatically request a channel from an LSP that is following the LSP channel request specification (i.e. Deezy).

Workflow update

  • Dry-run a workflow.
  • Capture workflow logs.
  • Visualize workflow logs in a flow diagram, including very detailed information for debugging workflows.
  • HTLC filterable data added to Channel Filter (i.e. summary of all pending HTLCs for peer1).


  • Improved filtering on the peers page.
  • Various optimizations and updates.
  • Other minor fixes.

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