Nunchuk Android v1.9.33, iOS v1.9.28 Released

Nunchuk is a Bitcoin multisig wallet with built-in premium features such as inheritance planning, scheduled transactions, emergency lockdown, and more.

Nunchuk Android v1.9.33, iOS v1.9.28 Released

Both Android and iOS versions come with the following updates:

What's new

  • Make TAPSIGNER and software keys compatible with BIP48.
  • Add the ability to export transaction in raw hex when in Ready-to-broadcast state.
  • Allow mobile to trigger adding Coldcard/Trezor/Ledger via USB on desktop.
  • Minor bugs and improvements.
  • Earlier release of Nunchuk Mobile wallets also introduced support for Child-Pays-For-Parent (CPFP) transactions.

There's also a pre-release of Nunchuk Desktop v1.9.20. It contains the following updates:

Nunchuk Desktop v1.9.20:

  • Fix sync bug
  • Improve performance
  • Ability to update the inheritance plan and wallet policies
  • Fix bug signing with COLDCARD NFC on Windows

GitHub Repo (Android)
App Store Link
GitHub Repo (Desktop)