Strike Moves To Its Own Infrastructure, Rolls Out New Features and Capabilities

"We’re excited to serve customers directly with our own licensing and infrastructure."

Strike Moves To Its Own Infrastructure, Rolls Out New Features and Capabilities
  • "I’m proud to announce Strike now owns and operates all of its own infrastructure for customers. Strike now custodies customer bitcoin and dollars, which means no custodial intermediaries between us and our users," wrote Jack Mallers, Strike's CEO and founder.
  • "This is a major milestone in reducing counterparty risk, enhancing the quality of our services, and ensuring the robustness and performance of our products."

What's new

  • Strike now provides direct bitcoin custody for all of its users.
  • "Our keys are stored in different physical locations to ensure that we reduce the surface area of impact of local risks, such as natural disasters, fires, or localized political threats."
  • "Multisig allows us to prevent threats of malicious actors looking to physically compromise the system."
  • Digital backups are encrypted and stored on servers in different locations than physical keys.
  • "For those interested in learning more about our security posture, feel free to check out our Trust Portal."
  • U.S. dollars are now custodied by Strike, not by a third party.
  • Strike users can now P2P sats to any other Strike user, including Global users in all of our new global markets.
  • All Strike users can now configure their account to receive incoming payments as cash or bitcoin.
  • Strike users can now pay Lightning invoices with their Cash or Bitcoin balances.
  • All Strike users can now deposit Bitcoin into their account both on-chain and via Lightning.
  • Rolled out Tiered on-chain payments: users now have the option to select Priority, Standard, and Flexible when making on-chain payments from their Bitcoin and Cash balance.
  • Smash Buy & Higher Limits: "Strike users now have much higher limits and can buy large amounts of bitcoin with their linked bank account. We’re currently testing with users up to $25,000. We’ll work our way to $100k per Smash Buy from a linked bank."

"As we continue to make this transition, we may see interruptions in card deposits while we complete the transition to our new partners," said Mallers in a blog post.

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