GrapheneOS v2023060700 Released

GrapheneOS is an Android-based, open-source, privacy and security-focused mobile operating system.

GrapheneOS v2023060700 Released

What's new

  • Full 2023-06-01 security patch level (early release based on AOSP 13 security backports since the AOSP/stock QPR3 release is not available yet).
  • Partial 2023-06-05 security patch level (full firmware and userspace patches will not be available until the AOSP/stock QPR3 release and some of the kernel changes depend on those too).
  • Fix Contact Scopes UI handling of absent number/email type.
  • Remove E-Tugra Certificate Authority.
  • Vanadium: update to version 114.0.5735.58.0.
  • Vanadium: update to version 114.0.5735.61.0.
  • Auditor: update to version 71.
  • Camera: update to version 63.
  • GmsCompatConfig: update to version 56.


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