MercuryLayer: A New Mercury Statechain Protocol

The new layer is going to be released in the next few months and will incorporate pure Rust client, full server blinding, simplified swaps, and federation support.

MercuryLayer: A New Mercury Statechain Protocol
  • "Today we introduce MercuryLayer, our new Bitcoin Layer 2 initiative!"
  • "Inspired by Ruben Somsen's statechains paper, we initially developed MercuryWallet in 2020. Since then, we've received numerous requests for a more modular version, enabling seamless integration with other wallets and applications."
  • "We plan to provide these tools alongside the release of full cryptographic blinding for Mercury. This ensures that Mercury will no longer see any Bitcoin addresses or possesses any information about deposited coins or swaps."
  • "While we remain dedicated to improving our unique MPC/HSM security approach, we understand that some users may prefer a federated model."
  • "We're excited to offer support to those interested in building a federated version on MercuryLayer. Reach out to us at to engage in  discussions."
  • "We're hopeful that the highly anticipated AnyPrevOut upgrade to Bitcoin will be happen within the next year. This new feature on the consensus layeer will enable many improvements to MercuryLayer, including the possibility of establishing a shared global on-chain state."
  • "This includes the possibility of establishing a shared global on-chain state, realising a mechanism for removal of trust requirements from the system. By enhancing integration with Lightning and leveraging our work with state channels."
  • "We plan to integrate with the LSP node being built in collaboration with the Civkit team."
  • Details can be found here.

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