Stacker.News Launches Subs For Bitcoin & Nostr

Stacker.News is like Hacker.News but pays its users in Bitcoin.

Stacker.News Launches Subs For Bitcoin & Nostr
  • "So we have subs now. Until ~nostr most of the posts stackers zapped were ~bitcoin related. ~nostr was the first adjacent topic that had stories get zapped into the front page with regularity. It's also relatively polarizing when compared to stories on privacy, the economy, or programming."
  • "This is just an MVP of subs. You can't even subscribe and unsubscribe to them yet, but we'll get there. You can however browse each sub independently."
  • "I suspect we'll want more subs soon. Even as I'm writing this, I'm realizing it might make sense to have a meta sub. We now have some of the primitives at least."
  • Extras: You can now hide your cowboy hat (h/t @super_testnet).

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