Coinbase Launches Offshore Derivatives Exchange

Coinbase launched its international exchange in the Caribbean nation of Bermuda on Tuesday, two weeks after receiving regulatory approval from the Bermuda Monetary Authority.

Coinbase Launches Offshore Derivatives Exchange
  • "Coinbase International Exchange will allow non-U.S. customers to trade in perpetual futures, or financial assets pegged to predicted future prices of commodities. For now, it will only focus on Bitcoin and Ethereum products."
  • "Rest assured that Coinbase is committed to the US, but countries around the world are increasingly moving forward with responsible crypto-forward regulatory frameworks to strategically position themselves as crypto hubs."
  • "We would like to see the US take a similar approach instead of regulation by enforcement which has led to a disappointing trend for crypto development in the US."
  • "Coinbase International Exchange listed BTC and ETH perpetual futures contracts earlier today. All trading is settled in USDC; no fiat on-ramps required. The contracts initially offer up to 5x leverage."
  • "Direct access trading via API is available to institutional clients in eligible, non-US jurisdictions. These products are not available to retail customers at this time."
  • "The opening of Coinbase’s Bermuda offshoot comes amid a regulatory onslaught from the U.S. government against crypto mainstays like Kraken, Binance, Genesis, and Gemini."
  • Gemini already launched its own offshore derivatives exchange last week.

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