OstrichGram: A Chat Software for Nostr Network

"With OstrichGram, you can join group chatrooms on Nostr, and message your friends too." Available on Linux and Windows desktop.

OstrichGram: A Chat Software for Nostr Network
  • OstrichGram lets you "create your own keys and identities, store your friends' pubkeys, browse relays for chatrooms, participate in group chats, and send direct encrypted messages to your friends."
  • Currently, "it uses NIP-01 (the basic protocol) along with NIP-28 (group chats), NIP-04 (direct messages), and NIP-10 (replies)."

Release v0.2-beta:

This release fixes a few important issues from v0.1:

  • "Make sure reply widget is closed when changing screens."
  • "Double check nostr subscription ID against websocket buffer (prevents mangled data when user is clicking too fast)."
  • "Enable configuration settings for turning off signature verification."

"This release is intended to be downloaded right from the source code. No need for a separate zip file as the build folder is now included in the source. Just navigate to the build/windows or build/linux folder after downloading the code."

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