SeedHammer v1.0.0: Reproducible Builds

SeedHammer is a metal engraving machine for bitcoin used for creating robust singlesig/multisig with mnemonic seed, descriptor and QRs. This update concerns SeedHammer source code, which is used to run the controller program for the SeedHammer machine.

SeedHammer v1.0.0: Reproducible Builds
  • "We have now officially released v1.0.0 of the SeedHammer software!"
  • "We now have reproducible builds and no more known software security issues."
  • "It took some to achieve bit-for-bit reproducible builds because:

    1) We wanted reproducibility across all four combinations of macOS/Linux and Intel/M1.
    2) nixpkgs does not have bit-for-bit reproducibility as a goal. We had to do PRs in order to obtain this.
    3) Nix development was frozen around their 23.05 release in May. So our PRs couldn't get merged before that."
  • "So in essence this release doesn't really do much in itself, however it enables the community to help keep the builds honest."

Release notes

  • Reproducible builds. "This release, and all future releases, should produce images that matches our official releases bit-for-bit. Look for "Reproducible builds" in the README for instructions."
    - "Reproducible builds was the single remaining security issue (the other being constant time engraving), so we feel confident in making this release v1.0.0."
  • Minor changes. "This release also restores version numbers on the main screen which was accidentally broken in the previous release."

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