BitBox App v4.38.0, Firmware v9.14.1: Updates & Security Improvements

BitBoxApp is a companion app for BitBox02 hardware wallet.

BitBox App v4.38.0, Firmware v9.14.1: Updates & Security Improvements
  • "Today we have prepared a substantial update for the BitBoxApp. This release contains security improvements, optimizes usability and adds new features for advanced users."

What's new

  • Encrypted seed in RAM. "Up until now, the seed was held in RAM in a decrypted state after unlocking. With this update, it is only decrypted for a short period of time when the seed is needed, for example for signing and verification operations."
  • Automatic account synchronization. "When connecting your BitBox02 to a new host device or when restoring a backup, the BitBoxApp will now automatically scan the balances of the first 5 Bitcoin and Litecoin accounts and display further ones that have a transaction history on them."
  • Removed account limit. "You can now add as many Bitcoin and Litecoin accounts as you like, provided that you have used the previous account."
  • Redesigned settings page. "Different kinds of settings are now grouped in tabs at the top of the page."
  • Advanced setup settings. "When creating a new wallet on the BitBox02, you can now choose between a 12 and a 24 word seed. You can also choose to skip the microSD backup."
  • Additional improvements:

    - Mitigate Ethereum address poisoning attack by hiding zero amount ERC20 transactions.
    - Improve satoshi amount readability adding thousands separator.
    - Added support for Czech Crown and Czech language.
    - Added support for Polish Zloty.
    - Show transaction notes in coin control to make UTXO management easier. Such as when sending Ordinals.
  • "You can find an exhaustive list of changes in the app changelog on GitHub."

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