Scaling Lightning v0.4.1: Configurable Namespace

Scaling Lightning is a testing toolkit for the Lightning Network.

Scaling Lightning v0.4.1: Configurable Namespace

What's new

  • "New feature, configurable namespace. When running cli commands you can use the flag --namespace / -N (default "sl") to specify the Kubernetes namespace for the scaling lightning network."
    • "This allows to run multiple separate SL networks on the same machine. Do not use the flag with the create command. Instead specify the namespace in the helmfile."
"This is a breaking change for the Go dependency. You must define the namespace when using functions DiscoverRunningNetwork and NewSLNetwork. Use the function NewSLNetworkWithoutNamespace when creating a new network from helmfile. When creating an SL object for running network, use NewSLNetwork."
  • FIX: Compatibility for new version of Traefik (3.0.0 / chart 28.0.0). See for traefik version update instructions.
  • FIX:Connect peer command: fixed command retrying until timeout if already connected

v0.4.1 also introduced the following changes:

  • Fix multiple namespaces bitcoind conflict by @Jhoyola in #39
  • Allow large channels by default by @Jhoyola in #40
  • docs: remove duplicate word from README by @karliatto in #37

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