Unleashed.Chat v0.1.21: Internet Search

Unleashed Chat is an AI chatbot designed with privacy in mind. It supports live Nostr data querying, advanced context embedding capabilities, internet search, and accepts Bitcoin payments.

Unleashed.Chat v0.1.21: Internet Search
Source: João leal junior.

What's new

  • Mixtral 8x22B Instruct. "Mixtral 8x22B Instruct–Mistral AI's flagship FOSS model. This is not an uncensored variant like our other models (yet)."
  • Internet Search! "The Mixtral 8x7B and 8x22B models are now capable of searching the Internet. Try to ask for the current bitcoin price or the population of a country."
Unleashed.Chat v0.1.21: Internet Search
  • Lightning invoice for adding funds API. "Added API endpoints for fetching the current balance and creating a Lightning invoice for adding funds - see https://unleashed.chat/api/docs."
  • Billing improvements. "Billing is now based on the length of the response (output tokens) rather than generation time."