GroupHug v1.1.0: Close Groups by Fee & Time

Bitcoin GroupHug is a Bitcoin transactions batching server that does not need coordination between users in order to work. The transactions are batched in different groups depending on the Bitcoin mining fees they are willing to pay. The server does not earn any sat for doing the job.

GroupHug v1.1.0: Close Groups by Fee & Time
  • "Now that coinjoins are all the rage it's probably a good time to highlight the work of my friend @sliv3r__: the GroupHug service," writes Unhosted Marcellus.
"GroupHug is a kind of coinjoin that doesn't provide any kind of privacy (all inputs and outputs match 1 to 1), but can end up paying more fees in s/vB than each individual participant did. Also it doesn't require any kind of interactivity between the participants. Savings are not massive, the higher the fees to more sense it makes to use GroupHug."
  • "It achieves that by only accepting TXs with the same number of inputs and outputs, locktime 0 and Single + Anyone Can Pay signatures. This allows anyone to disassemble each one and join them together without breaking the signatures, so they share the cost of the common sections."
  • "Building on the work from @capoczino, who implemented the same idea at Peach Bitcoin for cheaper onchain withdrawals," added the developer.

What's new in v1.1.0

  • Add options to query for information about the groups. "We know some of you are developing telegram bots and alternative frontends. We implemented a new call to the server that gives information about the existing groups. Information like the occupancy status, the group fee rate and the group creation timestamp."
  • Close groups by fee. Groups are closed if they pay enough fee to enter the next block.
    • "Previously, the groups remained open until they were full, which could lead to blockages. In this new version two extra conditions are added to close the groups. If a group pays enough fees to enter the next block it will be closed automatically."
  • Close groups by time. Groups are closed after a certain defined time if they are not full.

Barcelona Bitcoin Only (BBO) servers also have updated to accommodate the latest release:

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