Samourai Dojo v1.25.0: Removed Whirlpool CLI

Samourai Dojo is an end-to-end bitcoin wallet backing server for powering Samourai Wallet and other light clients.

Samourai Dojo v1.25.0: Removed Whirlpool CLI
  • "Samourai Dojo v1.25.0 is out now. The necessary codebase (Dojo itself, addrindexrs and fork of BTC-RPC explorer) is now hosted here," announced @DojoCoder.
  • This version removes Whirlpool CLI due to Whirlpool coordinator being no longer active. #FreeSamourai
"RoninDojo is NOT dead. You can't kill an idea. Becoming more censorship resistant and enhanced security and privacy for our team is our current focus. The RoninDojo team is not part of the Samourai team... We are Samourai community members who developed tools FOR the Samourai community. Their vision will NOT die," said the project.

What's new

  • Removed Whirlpool CLI
  • Updated Tor to v0.4.8.11
  • Removed obsolete version field from docker compose files
  • Fixed addrindexrs installation
  • Fixed btc-rpc-ecplorer installation
  • Updated Bitcoin Core to v27.0
  • Removed unnecessary bip39 dependency
  • Updated ZeroMQ
  • Updated other dependencies
  • Raised required Node.js version to v18
  • Made changes to make docker images smaller

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