Samourai Dojo v1.21.0: $1 Fee Estimator

Samourai Dojo is an end-to-end bitcoin wallet backing server for powering Samourai Wallet and other light clients.

Samourai Dojo v1.21.0: $1 Fee Estimator
  • "The big new feature added in this release is the addition of $1 Fee Estimator to the Dojo API," said Dojo Coder.
  • "This fee estimator tries to determine the minimum fee rate required for a confirmation in the next block with a given probability. It only uses data from the mempool and it's based on 2 empirical observations + a statistical property of mining," was explained in a blog post.
  • "A future Samourai Wallet release will be able to make use of this new API endpoint to better tell the user ideal transaction feerate."
  • "The release also contains several small fixes and improvements."

What's new


  • Updated to BTC-RPC Explorer 3.4.0;
  • Updated to Tor v0.4.8.5;
  • Updated tp Fulcrum v1.9.1;
  • Added $1 Fee Estimator;
  • Adjusted standard fee estimation;
  • Updated MariaDB Docker image;
  • Updated Nginx Docker image;
  • Added ability to connect to standalone MySQL over UNIX socket.


  • Store transactions in DB only once;
  • Force logs to go into /dev/null;
  • Run transaction unconfirmation in pool so the DB is not overwhelmed;
  • Fix rescan-blocks script.


  • Fix release notes;
  • Updated dependencies;
  • Fix fees docs;
  • Added additional build stage to Whirlpool dockerfile

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