New.Nostryfied.Online: Accelerated Instant Nostr Backups

Nostryfied offers an broadcast & export service that allows you to download a copy of your data & when you use this service, all of your data will also be broadcasted to major relays on the network. This design ensures that the data is widely distributed and makes it more resistant to censorship.

New.Nostryfied.Online: Accelerated Instant Nostr Backups
  • "If you've been [on Nostr] for a while, and have created a lot of notes, remember that relays will delete old notes," said, and builder iefan.
  • "To keep them, use my Backup service to download copy of them, you will be able to restore them later, it also updates your notes everywhere."
  • "Open this in browser, enter your public key and click on broadcast, minimize the browser and keep using your phone. It will keep running in the background."
  • "When fetching is done, it will ask for download permission, Allow. It will download the copy. Don’t broadcast for now. Most relay spam filter blocks it. We are too early."

While the original backup service is free of charge, now there's also a new paid version of the service ( for accelerated instant backups.

Accelerated Instant Backups

  • "Introducing accelerated Instant Backups, brought to you by @Semisol. If you want your backup instantly, literally lightning-fast, you can use this:"
  • "It’s 2.5k sat [per backup] for now but it helps support the costs for the infrastructure that makes this work, and at the end of it you get way better backups than any tool will ever get you," added Semisol. (free) (paid)
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