BoltCard Tools Terminal App v1.0.2 Released

BoltCard Terminal Tools app lets you pay any Lightning invoice with your BoltCard. Available on Android and iOS.

BoltCard Tools Terminal App v1.0.2 Released
  • "We just released another open-source app for the Bolt Card community," announced @SwissBitcoinPay.
"Have you ever tried to pay via Lightning with your BoltCard, but the merchant's Point-of-Sale doesn't support it? With this simple app, you can scan his invoice with your phone, tap your BoltCard on your phone, to pay him directly, in Peer-2-Peer, from your node to his node."
  • "You can also pay Onchain invoices with your BoltCard seamlessly using Swiss Bitcoin Pay's integrated swap service."
  • Learn more about Bolt Cards at


  • Available on Android and iOS;
  • Pay Lightning invoices on any device with your BoltCard;
  • Works with any BoltCard;
  • Truly P2P: you pay directly from your BoltCard's node to merchant's node;
  • No tracker or data sent to external servers;
  • Fully open-source (MIT license).

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