River Link Launched: Shareable Bitcoin Links

River Link lets users to send or gift bitcoin to friends and family who can claim it to any Bitcoin wallet.

River Link Launched: Shareable Bitcoin Links
  • "Introducing River Link: text Bitcoin to anyone, anywhere,
    ANY WALLET! With River Link, your contact list becomes a Bitcoin address
    book," announced the company.
"Before River Link, you would need to know a user’s Bitcoin address, Lightning invoice, LNURL-Pay, or Lightning address in order to send them Bitcoin. With River Link, all you need is to enter an amount and you are able to share the automatically generated River Link."
  • "River Link is shareable via a link (URL) giving you the ability to send it over iMessage, WhatsApp, email, or through a direct message on social media such as Facebook, Instagram, Tik Tok, and Snapchat."
  • "You do not need a River account to claim Bitcoin sent with River Link as it can be received to any wallet. You can choose whether or not to include your name when sending or gifting Bitcoin using River Link."

  • "The River Fee for both the sender and the receiver are $0 - always. Network fees only apply if the River Link is claimed to an external wallet. In this case, the receiver pays the Network fee and they would be automatically deducted from the Bitcoin total. Network fees will be determined by the destination."
  • "You can use River Link to send to anyone you’d like. The receiver would need to deposit the received Bitcoin to any external wallet. Only residents of US supported states can deposit to a River account."


  • Send through text, email, social media DMs
  • Friends can claim Bitcoin to any wallet or River account
  • River Link supports on-chain and Lightning payments

See this guide on how to send someone Bitcoin using River Link.

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