Phoenix Wallet Android v2.0.15 Released

Phoenix is a self-custodial Bitcoin wallet using Lightning to send and receive payments. It has a simple and clean UX.

Phoenix Wallet Android v2.0.15 Released
  • This release fixes an incorrect error message displayed when opening the Send screen (#487).

What's new since v2.0.12

  • Added a screen to delete the wallet (4ffc78d)
  • Fixed an issue reading bip-21 URIs with a Lightning invoice fallback, see #466 (f0ae904)
  • Add timeout to Peer connection by @dpad85 in #448
  • Localisation in es-419 (Spanish for Latin America and The Caribbean) by @BitByBitByBitByBit in #470 and #477
    Thanks again @BitByBitByBitByBit for your work!
  • Skip TLS check for onion Electrum servers by @dpad85 in #479
  • Add help message for swaps in Home screen in b5d17ed
  • Fix crashes due to plural resources not being supported on some Samsung devices 703dd23

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