Ride The Lightning v0.14.0-beta Released

Ride The Lightning (RTL) is a full function, device agnostic, web user interface to help manage lightning node operations. RTL is available on LND, CoreLightning and Eclair implementations.

Ride The Lightning v0.14.0-beta Released
  • "This release covers breaking changes from CLN 23.05, few minor UX enhancements and bug fixes."
  • "Core Lightning users should note that this update depends on cl-rest v0.10.3 and Core Lightning v23.05. If you are running any version older than 23.05, you should not upgrade to this UI. The changes are not backwards compatible with older versions of Core Lightning."

What's new


  • Navigation bug fixes from the dashboard.
  • Navigation to node and channel lookup from the info page.
  • Connect with a peer from the node lookup page.

Core Lightning:

  • Handle the breaking changes of the msat purge for CLN version v23.05.
  • Track active HTLCs on the channels page.


  • Circular rebalancing.


  • Bugs fixes owing to the breaking changes on the send payment API.

"Complete list of issues covered with this release are available on the release milestone."

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