BitMEX Renews Rene Pickhardt’s Bitcoin Developer Grant

"BitMEX has extended Rene Pickhardt’s Bitcoin developer grant until November 2023, a six month extension from the previous grant."

BitMEX Renews Rene Pickhardt’s Bitcoin Developer Grant
  • "This is the fourth consecutive time BitMEX has provided Rene a grant, over a three year period."

Commenting on the grant, Rene said:

"BitMEX has been and continues to be a very generous and supportive partner to my work. It is my impression that BitMEX understands that research is an unpredictable endeavour that needs freedom, time and resources to enable the necessary creativity to identify and solve the problems and challenges that we face. With the support of BitMEX I intend to continue my research on routing reliability of the Lightning Network protocol."
  • A full list of active Bitcoin developer grants issued by BitMEX can be found here.

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