Scaling Lightning: Testing Toolkit for the Lightning Network

Scaling Lightning initiative aims to build a testing toolkit for the Lightning Network protocol, its implementations, and applications that depend on the Lightning Network.

Scaling Lightning: Testing Toolkit for the Lightning Network
  • "Currently, several aspects of how the Lightning Network and its applications will react to shocks in transaction volume, channels, nodes, gossip messages, etc., remain untested or uncertain,' elaborated Henrik Skogstrøm, founder of LN Capital.
  • "Having a set of tools and a busy signet Lightning Network will help: developers test their applications; researchers verify their assumptions; operators test their infrastructure."
"Another very important benefit is that novices can learn how the Lightning Network and various applications work in a somewhat realistic environment without risking real coins. Which will help them enter the industry."
  • "We are still in the early stages of planning, but the plan is to start by building a tool to quickly generate one or more Lightning Nodes using Helm and Kubernetes."
  • "These nodes can connect either to a public signet Lightning Network or a private Regtest Lightning Network for any combination of LN implementations (CLN, LND, LDK, Acinq etc.)."
  • "What about the @lightningpolar project? I'm aware of this excellent project, but I believe the industry needs a tool that can be integrated into tests, used to deploy signet nodes and simulate large amounts of traffic."
  • "The team at @LN_Capital and I intend to contribute to the project, and we hope to see more companies and Lightning enthusiasts join us."

How to contribute

  • "We need developers to contribute to the toolkit."
  • "We need operators to run nodes on the Signet Lightning Network."
  • "We encourage researchers to help design general tools relevant to them."
  • "We are also looking for a developer to lead the project and are seeking a grant to support the lead developer."
  • "If you are interested in leading the project or funding it, let us know!"
  • "If you have any questions or want to join the project you can reach us on Telgram and Twitter."
  • "Thank you to @BitcoinErrorLog for helping to form the idea, and to @n_d3nn, @2Fast2BCn, and @renepickhardt for helping to refine it."

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