PROXNUT: Cashu Proxy Crafted to Protect and Monetize Web Resources

"PROXNUT is an innovative solution designed to revolutionize API data transactions. It seamlessly integrates with any Cashu ecash wallet, allowing users to access or monetize API data directly using tokens without the need for account setups."

PROXNUT: Cashu Proxy Crafted to Protect and Monetize Web Resources
  • "Problem: Traditional methods of accessing and monetizing API data often involve complicated account setups, lack of flexibility in pricing, and potential privacy concerns."
  • "Solution: PROXNUT offers a no-account approach, making API data transactions effortless. With its integration with Cashu ecash wallet, users can smoothly transact, set their token price for data, and protect their API data endpoints. Moreover, it ensures data privacy, allowing sensitive data usage without compromising security."
"ProxNut forwards requests only if they have a valid Cashu token attached to the X-Cashu header. Configuration options include mapping hosts, routes, setting fees, and specifying allowed mints."
  • "Discover the future of API data transactions with PROXNUT. Dive in and experience it for yourself: PROXNUT Website."
  • "Intuitive Dashboard: Unlock the power of comprehensive data management with PROXNUT. Review and control traffic, monetize content effortlessly, and tailor access for your network with precision. Try the Demo."
  • "Community & Contribution: Use sensitive data without sacrificing privacy. Join, contribute, and enhance PROXNUT with our Community on Telegram."


  • Ecash Wallet Integration: Seamlessly top up and spend tokens.
  • Resource Protection: Protect and monetize your web resources with ease.
  • Privacy by default: No accounts and no tracking. Leveraging ecash privacy.
  • Open-Source: Join our community and contribute to the project. AMA
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