HRF's Bitcoin Development Fund Gifts 19 BTC for 15 Bitcoin Projects

Human Rights Foundation gifted ~19 BTC ($505,000) via its Bitcoin Development Fund to support 15 projects worldwide, announced Christian Keroles, the Financial Freedom Director for HRF.

HRF's Bitcoin Development Fund Gifts 19 BTC for 15 Bitcoin Projects
  • "HRF is proud to support a diverse range of projects to make Bitcoin a better global tool for human rights. Since early 2020 we’ve supported more than 95 projects globally with more than $3.2M in USD and BTC gifts."
  • Submit proposals at Donate and learn more here.


  • Grant #1: "$50,000 to Furszy for his work on Bitcoin Core, where he is a top 10 contributor. Funding will support his essential contributions to enhancing Bitcoin Core’s software stability, performance and security by reviewing PRs, and fixing bugs."
  • Grant #2: "$50,000 to Summer of Bitcoin to support their incredible summer fellowship program. The 2023 program featured more than 10,000 applicants from more than 70 countries."
  • Grant #3: "$50,000 to Jarol for his work on Bitcoin Core. Jarol will use funding to review PRs and fix bugs in Bitcoin Core; expand developer education; improve the Bitcoin Core App; and help bring full nodes to mobile phones."
  • Grant #4: "$50,000 to Vinteum for their work on expanding open source Bitcoin work in Latin America and Brazil. Funding will support Bitcoin Core developers, foster Bitcoin communities, and build a Bitcoin Core developer pipeline education program in Latin America."
  • Grant #5: "$50,000 to Gee Deer for his work on lightning native stablecoins and Bitcoin Core. Gee’s proposed stablecoin will use Discreet Log Contracts to reduce counterparty risk and maximize decentralization."
  • Grant #6: "$50,000 to the Kawaakibi Foundation to build a MENA Bitcoin Hub. The MENA Bitcoin HUB will educate activists, journalists, and nonprofits on using Bitcoin to transact freely and receive international donations and hold their money securely and privately."
  • Grant #7: "$50,000 to Justin Moeller for his work on Fedimint Justin will focus on implementing a database migration mechanism to allow guardians to upgrade their Fedimint servers seamlessly."
  • Grant #8: "$25,000 to D++ for her international educational initiatives and work on FOSS projects. D++ will use funds to do international education, running a free Bitcoin bootcamp, and maintenance of Bitcoin Core and FOSS Projects.
  • Grant #9: "$25,000 to Bitcoin Ekasi for their efforts to build a circular Bitcoin economy in South Africa. Funds will support the onboarding of new local businesses to Bitcoin and the operation of a center to teach practical skills and Bitcoin knowledge to the local community."
  • Grant #10: "$25,000 to Amiti for her work on Bitcoin mentorship, ADDRMAN, and Bitcoin Bytes. Funds will support Amiti as she mentors Bitcoin Core contributors, improves ADDRMAN to increase the security and privacy of Bitcoin nodes, and builds Bitcoin Bytes."
  • Grant #11: "$25,000 to BTC Sessions for international Bitcoin education. Funding will allow Ben to create educational materials and conduct in-person and virtual workshops to teach dissidents and NGOs how to use Bitcoin safely and securely."
  • Grant #12: "$25,000 to La Librería de Satoshi to make technical education accessible to as many Spanish-speakers as possible. Funding will be used to create Bitcoin and lightning courses, enabling Spanish developers to become Bitcoin Core Contributors."
  • Grant #13: "$10,000 in travel grants to TabConf, a technical Bitcoin conference that took place in Atlanta, Georgia on September 6-9."
  • Grant #14: "$10,000 in travel grants to Satsconf, the largest Bitcoin conference in Brazil taking place in Sao Paulo, Brazil from November 2-5."
  • Grant #15: "$10,000 in travel grants to BTC++, a Bitcoin developer conference focused on Nix and software reproducibility taking place in Berlin, Germany from October 6-7."

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