Plebeian Market Gets Nostrified

Plebeian Market is the self-sovereign marketplace of the internet, powered by Bitcoin and the Lightning Network for payments and by Nostr for communications.

Plebeian Market Gets Nostrified
  • "Huge shoutout to our developer team for building and nostrifing Plebeian Market over the past 6 months! We are so proud of them and excited to release the new platform to the public!"
  • "If you have any question or comments ask in our Telegram Group here."

What's new

  • 100% on Nostr & NIP-15 compliant. "For any stalls created on Nostr with NIP-15, buyers will be able to purchase products from those stalls in the new multi-stall shopping cart."
  • Lightning Payments. "Payments will ricochet off Plebeian Market’s Alby wallet directly to the sellers LN wallet. If a value-4-value contribution percentage has been set, the contribution will be taken before the rest of the sats are sent to the seller."
    • "Make sure you add your lightning address to your profile to receive your payments!"
  • New Multi-stall Shopping Cart. "Buyers can add multiple products to their shopping cart from different vendors and stalls that are NIP-15 compliant."
  • Nostr Private Messages w/ Notifications. "When users sign in with their npub they will be able to view their Nostr messages. When a seller sets up a Market Stall the stall will generate its own npub and can receive messages. Messages will appear under the message icon on the top bar."
  • New Stall Browser. "This feature allows buyers to view all NIP-15 market stall on Nostr."
  • Improved Layout and Browsing. There are 3 new sections on the PM site: Stall Browser, Plebeian Planet and Plebeian Market.
  • Interface to Bind External Identities to your Nostr Account. Now you can bind your external identities to your Nostr/PM account, including X, Telegram, and GitHub.
    • "TWO external identities will need to be verified to bid on auctions. This is part of our anti-troll prevent tool."
  • Plebeian Market Skin in the Game Badge. "For auctions that go above a certain amount of money we ask participants to buy the badge to show they are serious. A seller can also select the Skin in the Game badge requirement when they are setting up an auction."
  • Nostr Login. "Users can login (or generate new set of Nostr keys) to Plebeian Market with their Nostr keys now. Nsec are not stored on PM, it is stored locally in the browser."

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