Cashu v1 Protocol Specs Have Been Merged

"Cashu NUTs (Notation, Usage, and Terminology) describe the protocol specifications of Cashu wallets and mints. This makes sure that Cashu Ecash systems are interoperable."

Cashu v1 Protocol Specs Have Been Merged
  • "Proudly presenting: The Cashu Protocol v1 specs!"
"One year after the inception of Cashu, we finally introduce the first version of the protocol. This is a major evolution! We dubbed it "The Great Cleanup" and it's already being implemented in different Cashu projects."
  • "Among countless other improvements, we introduce a new concept: Quotes!
  • "Quotes allow mint operations with different payment methods (Lightning, on-chain, ...) and Ecash units (sats, msats, usd, ...). This brings incredible flexibility for building Ecash systems."
  • "We also transition from base64 keyset IDs to hexadecimal IDs with a version flag. This allows much easier upgrades of the keyset ID in the future."
  • "Read more about Cashu and check out Cashu projects like Wallets and mints at"
  • "If you are a developer, make sure to check out the many Cashu libraries on our documentation page at"
"Thank you for your work on this PR @ngutech21 @thunderB__ @thesimplekid and all afficionados @gandlaf21 @kadrigron @uxerik_ @MinibitsCash and many more."
  • "If anyone feels interested in Cashu development or Chaumian Ecash in general, join our R&D Telegram," wrote @callebtc.

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