Human Rights Foundation Grants $500k to 18 Bitcoin Projects

"Today, the Human Rights Foundation (HRF) announced its most recent round of Bitcoin Development Fund grants, per a press release sent to Bitcoin Magazine."

Human Rights Foundation Grants $500k to 18 Bitcoin Projects

"While the HRF did not disclose exactly how much money each project is receiving, the following 18 projects are the recipients of today's round of grants worth $500,000."

  • Mostro, a decentralized peer-to-peer Bitcoin exchange built by Venezuelan developer Francisco Calderón on top of Nostr.
  • Mi Primer Bitcoin, a nonprofit organization providing open-source Bitcoin education in Central America.
  • Arabic Hodl, which is making Bitcoin more accessible to more than 400 million Arabic-speaking people worldwide.
  • Netblocks to support their efforts to monitor and report Internet restrictions and shutdowns globally.
  • Lorban for his work on Stratum V2, an upgrade on the current protocol Bitcoin miners use to communicate with pools.
  • John Carlson for his ongoing contributions to updating and improving the Bitcoin Core App project, permitting users to run Bitcoin on their phones.
  • Area Bitcoin to expand its free Bitcoin educational content across multiple languages. Area Bitcoin, founded by Carol Souza and Kaka Furlan, is a prominent Bitcoin educational resource based in Brazil.
  • Berta Valle for Bitcoin educational work in Nicaragua, focusing on the human rights defender community.
  • Bitshala, an education initiative led by Indian Bitcoiners that provides guidance and resources to developers entering the Bitcoin space.
  • Hack.BS, a nonprofit association based in Italy. Funding will be used to open a cypherpunk hackerspace, acting as a collaborative co-working center by day and an active events space, hosting meetups, workshops, and hackathons by night.
  • Bitcoin Deepa, also known as the Pearl of Satoshi, to expand the Sri Lankan Bitcoin community.
  • Exonumia, a nonprofit translating Bitcoin educational content into native African languages such as Shona, Malagasy, Amharic, Kiswahili, and Lingala.
  • L0la L33tz, for her efforts in creating a Bitcoin privacy guide for beginners, with a special focus on activists, dissidents, and NGOs operating in hostile environments.
  • Groundswell, a project founded by Hadiya Masieh that supports free Bitcoin education to diaspora and exile communities in the United Kingdom, particularly refugees from the Middle East.
  • Kulpreet Singh for his work on Braidpool, a proposed peer-to-peer mining pool designed to enhance Bitcoin’s censorship resistance.
  • SeedSigner, a DIY bitcoin signing device that anyone, anywhere can build on their own.
  • bitcoin++, a developer-focused conference series around the world.
  • Bitcoin Atlantis, a Bitcoin conference taking place March 1 to 3 in Madeira, Portugal.

"The HRF continues to raise support for the Bitcoin Development Fund, and proposals for support can be submitted to," wrote Nik Hoffman for the Bitcoin Magazine.

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