Parmanode v3.26.0: Ordisrespector, Coldcard Firmware Wizard & More

"Parmanode is designed for non-technical users giving them menu choices to download and verify Bitcoin, and Bitcoin related software, and sync using an external or internal drive, and also have configuration options presented to them. No manual configuration (file editing) is required."

Parmanode v3.26.0: Ordisrespector, Coldcard Firmware Wizard & More
  • "Big changes to the Linux version of Parmanode [since] v3.24.0," announced @parman_the.
  • "You can now CHOOSE to compile Bitcoin from source (or stick with pgp verified binaries), add an ordinals filter patch, or even use @LukeDashjr 's Knots version of Bitcoin instead."

What's new

Some of the recent changes to Parmanode include:

  • Coldcard firmware wizard
  • Fixed ParmanodL installer for Mac
  • Ledger new version 2.75
  • Menu overview revamped
  • BTC RPC Explorer log in menu
  • LN channel balance output - contribution by cmyk
  • Added Parman's Electrum Guide
  • Coordinated rpc/password for bitcoin.conf for all other apps that use it.
  • Streamlined Fulcrum install code a little
  • BRE menu imporvements
  • Import an existing Bitcoin Core insallation (binaries) to Parmanode
  • Import a fresh drive to Parmanode, use with existing Bitcoin installation
  • patch_5 applied
  • Mempool but in Docker fixed
  • Mempool for Mac as well
  • Mempool is back, baby
  • How to update bitcoin
  • Smol bug when creating new LND wallet fixed
  • Import own Bitcoin binaries to Parmanode installation.
  • Bitcoin compile education/instructions
  • Fixed unzip bug (xz) for ParmanodL installer - some systems don't have it.
  • BitBox02 update, and verification bug fix
  • Drive install bug fixed (symlink target ownership fixed)
  • Option to include filter-ordinals.patch by Luke Dashjr
  • Options to compile bitcoin
  • bitcoin v26.0 option
  • Option to install Bitcoin Knots version of Bitcoin Core
  • assisted drive format tool
  • small bug fixes

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