Mostro Network Completes First Trade on Mainnet, Invites Users for Testing

"After months of intense work, Mostro is finally available to use in the p2p exchange of Bitcoin on the Lightning Network for any fiat currency, using Nostr. For now you can only do small test exchanges, with a maximum of up to 20k sats, there is still a lot to improve," announced the project.

Mostro Network Completes First Trade on Mainnet, Invites Users for Testing
  • "Mostro, a bitcoin exchange, emerges as a P2P alternative, focusing on user privacy. It uses the decentralised node network Nostr and Bitcoin's Lightning network, giving it the quality of being "uncensorable" by not relying on a single point of failure," wrote @criptopanas on
"The project, still in development, offers two versions: a user-friendly web version for non-specialized users and a terminal requiring specific commands. Mostro has a limit of 20,000 satoshis per transaction and aims to expand with web and desktop versions in the future."
  • "Mostro's operation is based on Lightning network nodes that route payments through generated invoices, and these nodes, called "Mostros," are run by users who receive commissions for their services. The reputation of these nodes is crucial, as users can rate them, incentivising their participation in the platform's payment processing."
  • "Regarding the future, Mostro aims to grow organically, attracting users through testing, bug correction, and expanding the node network. The decentralised approach allows nodes to compete for commissions, promoting participation without the need to create large companies."
Mostro Network: Pioneering Censorship-Resistant Bitcoin Exchange
"Mostro Network is in its early stages, and Rust developers are invited to contribute to this groundbreaking project. The journey has just begun, and early participants have the opportunity to shape the future of decentralized, censorship-resistant Bitcoin exchanges. Happy hacking," said the project in a blog post.
  • "If you are a developer and want to create your own client, you can read the development documentation here."

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