Nutminer: Proof-of-Work Based Cashu Faucet

"Nutminer is a difficulty-adjusted proof-of-work based Cashu faucet that emits a constant rate of tokens, no matter how many people use it."

Nutminer: Proof-of-Work Based Cashu Faucet
  • "The miner runs in your browser and produces hashes that are submitted to the backend. The more people use it, the higher the difficulty – just like with Bitcoin mining."
  • "If the PoW matches the difficulty, you get an ecash nut which you can cash out on Lightning."
"You can think this as a proof-of-concept of what an ecash-based mining pool would look like: Bitcoin miners do not need to reveal their mining rewards to the pool. Instead, they can accumulate ecash representing their reward and cash out anonymously," calle wrote.